November 15, 2012
by Claire Althouse

Good food on the menu for Los Angeles school children

Claire Althouse, Policy Analyst, Santa Monica
Growing up, I ate school lunch at my rural public school every single day.  The head cook at Hamlow Elementary, Mrs. Hummel, was as sweet as her famous cinnamon rolls.  She was lik… Continue reading

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August 14, 2012
by Johanna Dyer

Another Kind of Farmers’ Market for NYC

Johanna Dyer, Attorney, New York
I hope you all enjoyed National Farmers’ Market Week as much as I did last week! To commemorate it, I stopped by my local Union Square market (more than once, I must confess) to buy some fresh, hea… Continue reading

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August 16, 2010
by Reduce

10 FREE Ways to Go Green

Sometimes it feels like making the right, green choice is about making the more expensive choice – the higher prices fetched by some eco-options in grocery and clothing stores are enough to make even the most ardent greenie stray.
But fear not! Below are 10 free things you can do to be green. Some [...] Continue reading

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