March 26, 2012
by Amanda Eaken

Two More Down! SoCal and Sacramento do right in regional sustainability plans

Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director, Sustainable Communities, San Francisco
Last Thursday, the implementation of SB 375 hit another milestone with the Air Resources Board’s (ARB) review of two more Sustainable Communities Strategies (SC… Continue reading

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March 14, 2012
by Kaid Benfield

A high-tech corporate giant strengthens a walkable, transit-accessible neighborhood

Kaid Benfield, Director, Sustainable Communities, Washington, DC
Despite being all-in with blogging and social media, I’ll confess to some ambivalence toward electronic media that displace bric… Continue reading

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February 13, 2012
by Cai Steger

President’s Budget: A Welcome Commitment to Clean Energy and Innovation

Cai Steger, Energy Policy Analyst, New York, Center for Market Innovation
Today, the Obama Administration released its annual budget proposal, outlining  spending priorities for the upcoming year. For supporters of renewable energy… Continue reading

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September 28, 2011
by Henry Henderson

Of Bridges and Boathouses: Mayor Emanuel’s Chicago River Investment

Henry Henderson, Director, Midwest Program NRDC, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is filled with remnants of days gone by, buildings and infrastructure created to serve people and the economy, some still in service, some no longer used, and s… Continue reading

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November 20, 2010
by Shravya Reddy

India Climate Change and Energy News – November 3 to November 13, 2010

Climate Change
‘India and America are Indispensable Partners’
“President Obama told India’s legislators in his address to Parliament, ‘We valued India’s important role at Copenhagen, where, for the first time, all major economie… Continue reading

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