March 8, 2013
by Kaid Benfield

This is transit-oriented development?

Kaid Benfield, Director, Sustainable Communities, Washington, DC
Yikes.  I literally do not know where to start with today’s article.  But I’ll give it a shot:  at the top, you’re looking at the … Continue reading

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August 31, 2012
by Amanda Eaken

Team NRDC gears up for Climate Ride – 320 mile bicycle fundraiser

Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director, Sustainable Communities, San Francisco
One week from tomorrow, the eleven riders that make up Team NRDC will embark on Climate Ride, a 320-mile bicycle journey that starts near Eureka and makes its way dow… Continue reading

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October 31, 2011
by Deron Lovaas

Evidence Mounts That Car Usage Is Declining

Deron Lovaas, Federal Transportation Policy Director, Washington, D.C.
While prospects for legislation to curb energy use and reduce greenhouse gases look bleak, there is heartening news that citizens are taking steps to do both on thei… Continue reading

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